Keltie Colleen’s 2011 Resolutions

Our new friend and newly published author Keltie Colleen oozes inspiration, so we asked her to blog about looking forward to next year. Read on!

Last year around this time I was spending a great deal of time alone in hotel rooms for the 5th year in a row on tour. Life on the road can be incredibly lonely and I was feeling the effects of giant arenas, a crazy schedule and lack of standing in once place for very long. I guess that is why they call it “show business” and not “show fun”. I called my good friend and she was similarly feeling a little under the weather. Some tears were shed, a little duet pity party happened. We ended up on the phone for hours, trying our best to motivate eachother to rise above this sad cloud covering our eyes. We decided to name 2010- simply “the 10”. The 10 was GOING to be our year. We would not let eachother give up.

So we wrote a list of new years resolutions. We printed that list and looked at it each day.

Her list said something like:

Get a record deal.

Play three shows.

Become friends with jason mraz.

Make a record.

Quit Smoking.

Mine went something like:

Publish my book.

Get great bangs.

Demand what I am really worth.

Be in Nylon Magazine as the most inspirational blogger of all time.

Be on Dancing with the Stars with an artist.

So, look not all of my resolutions came true, but ALL of her’s did. Every single one. If I HAD ONLY KNOWN how great this system works I would have manifested better things? Bangs? Really Keltie?

So, this year I am giving the best, most far fetched dream-come true not-even-close-to-possible resolutions. I believe really strongly in the power of manifesting our own destiny.

This year Buzznet + breesays asked me to share my new years resolutions with you and inspire you to make your own list!

Keltie’s 2011 List

Be impeccable with my words and actions.

Get signed by an amazing literary agent.

Sell the rights to Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom to Fox Searchlight so Zooey star in the movie of the book.

Have RRR picked up by a swanky publisher for international release.

Buy a house with a large yard for Hobo.

Do yoga + pilates twice a week.

Take ballet once a week.

Meet Matt Nathanson.

Love fearlessly.

What are YOUR 2011 resolutions?