Here Are Some of The Best ‘Deal With It’ GIFs on the Internet

Everyday people want to subdue you. Sometimes that’s alright, and sometime’s we don’t care – we’d rather just roll over and get some tummy rub rubs and feel better about the horrible life choices we’ve made.

Thankfully there is usually a GIF image or a photo of cats that encapsulates my inner being in bits of coded binary something or other (see above).

Sometimes, though, I don’t really want to Dill With It (see below)

Here are some things that I just don’t want to DEAL WITH right now:

1. Oprah’s show is ending in September 2011

No. No, Oprah, I won’t deal with it. That is, unless you let me deal with it in:

Where else am I going to get good book recommendations and all the latest on things that have nothing to do with my anatomy? WHERE?!?!?!?!

2. Still dealing with Seinfeld being over

This is something we all knew we would have to deal with eventually, but really didn’t want to. Seinfeld just got “weird.” I am dealing with it by watching re-runs of the earlier seasons.

3. The Gulf Oil Spill

Does anyone know how this turned out? I sadly stopped caring after it wasn’t in the news every five minutes during the summer and then it was my birthday. I’m probably going to hell because I don’t know how this turned out.

4. Being Single

This is kind of true. I am single and I it’s really weird. Well, not really. I mean, I now invite strangers into my life for brief moments of time and then when I get tired of them, they know where the door is. That’s how I am dealing with being single. Oh and I’m watching a lot of Living Single.

5. The Tumblrpocalypse

Do you remember when Tumblr was down for the longest? UGH. I had to like, go outside. I was totally going to to upload more images from my Portland vacation there but then I didn’t want to because I got lazy and disinterested with Tumblr after IT QUIT ME.

And here is just an amazing GIF. Let’s all enjoy it together, right now:

Yup. So, it the holidays and I guess we’re all dealing with a lot of, you know, things right now. I’m okay with that.

What are you dealing with?

(answering with more amazing DEAL WITH IT GIFs in the comments section required encouraged)