How to do a herbs sack

This morning when I opened my pc, I found Aud’s answer about my comment of one of her last blogs, she said that she saw spirits a time, and I told her I see spirits too, I love magic and I’m studying Wicca and would be great for her make some herbs sacks for protection against evil spirits or one for interior balance, she answered saying me to teach her how do it! And I’ve been so happy to write her all the steps.For that reason I thought to do a blog


A piece of cloth

A candelA ribbonCoarse salt

A wad


Here I explain all the steps for to do a herbs sack for protection against evil spirits.

Every sacks have an important function and every sacks have a different colour of cloth, in this case blue cloth can be ok

First step:

Wash your hands with coarse salt and water for purify your hands, then put on your altar (it can be of wood, a low table with on a cloth of cotton or silk) and light a blue candle and start a meditation for a couple of minutes, free your mind and think only to your breath.

Second step:

Cut a piece of blue cloth (20cm x 20cm) and put it on the altar.

Take the herbs, in this case, I can advice balm, anise and lavender (not more of 3 herbs)

Third step:

Take with right hand the herbs and consecrate them with the sign of the cross on the flame of the candle pronuncing these words: “In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and that the fire rends you pure for my aim”

Fourth step:

Put the herbs on the piece of cloth, add a wad and 9 grains of coarse salt, close the cloth with a ribbon of the same colour (in this case blue) with triple knot (the knots always must be odd, 3 or 7 are magical numbers)

Five step:

Thanks the Goddess for the gifts she offered to you and close the circle with a prayer and meditation, blow up the candle and clear the altar.

Put your herbs sack on the door and it protect you against evil spirits.

If you want to do another one for interior balance, use a white cloth, a with candle and a white ribbon and herbs like mint, incense and bay, and put it in your bag, always with you!

Blessed be