Happy B-Day Britney!

Today is the b-day of my Queen, my reason of life, my oxygen, a girl, a mother, a sister, a friend… Britney Spears!

I think to haven’t enough words for say how much important is her for me!

I grow up with her, I cried with and for her, I smiled, I laughed, I screamed….

She’s a very important person in my life, I follow her since 24th October 1998, over 12 years, a life together!

I’ve always thought she is an amazing woman, with a very strong personality and so talented, unluckily I couldn’t stay with her when she was alone and sad, but I’ve been with her by my heart and my soul….

I don’t know what I’ll do without her, she’s my point of referiment, my source of inspiration, every day, I would can meet her one day of person and tell her all these things, I wait that day, that day I finally I could see her live in a concert, and I’ll be the most happiest girl in the whole world!

She is not like paparazzi describes her, she is a great mother, she would die for her children, she is an amazing artist, she puts a lot of energies in what she does, and she’s a very sweet person with a big heart.

A lot of people didn’t understand yet! But they should!

Britney, I wish you a fantastic b-day, with all your family, your babies and all the people loves you, I’m with you by my heart!

Love you so much