Hannabeth’s New Year’s Review and Resolution

All of us here at Buzznet already know and love Hanna Beth Merjos. Model, fashion designer, Buzznet blogger and correspondent, and all-around It Girl, Hanna Beth does it all, from touring with bands to interviewing the stars on red carpets. She recently launched her aptly-named clothing line Sober is Sexy, and has recently opened up a bit about her sobriety. Young girls from around the world are inspired by Hanna Beth. So much so, she has multiple fan clubs.

Buzznet: What did you achieve in 2010 that you are most proud of?

Hannabeth: My sobriety! I almost have 3 months.

BN: What was your theme song this year?

HB: The Wild One by Suzi Quatro

BN: What is your New Year’s Resolution?

HB: To be more focused & to not let the little things get to me. To look at the bigger picture and remember that everything always works out.

BN: What was your favorite album of 2010?

HB: Up From Below by Edward Sharpe

BN: What was the worst trend in 2010?

HB: Silly bandz. I don’t get it.

BN: What was your overall favorite blog you posted on Buzznet this year?

HB: Light Me Up