wow, I feel as if it’s been years since I was last on Buzznet! I feel slightly guilty with the lack of updates and such. I know they’re not much, but it’s a good source of being able to post stuff for me!

Ah, anyway, what have I been geeking out about recently…

OBVIOUSLY. Oh my God guys. I am so… ldsjfkfhej’ed (THAT’S NOT EVEN A WORD. BUT THAT’S HOW I FEEL) with this album. It really couldn’t be better. It’s everything I imagined :DDD I would’ve reviewed it, but exams & schools got in the way of the precious laptop & I didn’t get the chance ): Phwoar. What an album. My dad was anticipating this just as much as I was (and he’s 45) and he can honestly say he’s over the moon with this record. It’s made me so happy to hear that they’ve tried something completely different with their music and have passed with flying colours. I mean, they’ve made a dance song! My Chemical Romance have made a dance song. (I’m on about Planetary (GO!) fyi). All of it is just…wow. And hopefully my mama’s going to get me tickets to see them in London in February :DD


Yeah, I suppose this blog was really just to express my love for that album. teehehehehehe.

love you guys.