El Rich’s Black Christmas Wish List

Christmas is a magical time. You are probably envisioning picturesque, snowy landscapes and roaring fires that are perfect for roasting chestnuts. It is that time of year when you bestow upon your loved ones all the lavish gifts you possibly can in an attempt to show them how much you care for them. We gather with our families in our ugliest of sweaters, drink egg nog, and create memories that should be forever emblazoned on Hallmark cards.

While Christmas isn’t all about the gifts, many of us go to great lengths to get that perfect something for our loved ones. Was Mother hinting at some golden trinket that caught her eye? Was Father debating over some __insert man gift here__ and chose something that he wasn’t too pleased with in an attempt to be more thrifty?

There is an art to remember what someone may have hinted at earlier in the year and recalling it around Christmas time. It is a true art indeed. I, however, am not one to be subtle. That being said, I MADE A CHRISTMAS LIST SO THAT YOU ALL WILL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I WANT.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things, ever.

Madame Talbot Dolls

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about these before. Madame Talbot has all these neat little dolls but the Plague Doctor is my favorite. I want one but they are always sold out.

The next thing that I want comes from Necromance:

This is on a shirt. It’s pretty cool so that means I should have it, right? Necromance has all kinds of strange things that I want in my apartment.

Speaking of things I want in my apartment, check this out:

This is actually a book case. How rad is that? I’ve been trying to build one forever but I am lazy and I don’t have tools. The place that sells this also has coffin couches and stuff. I found this HERE.

If I have a book case, I’m going to need some books, right? Well, what better book than this:

Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey hated children. I don’t hate children, I just can’t be near them (due to a court order).

I wonder how much these would cost:

These are Donald Duck animal skeletons. Someone did a series of cartoon animal skeletons a while back. You can read about them here.

The last kind of dead thing that I want is this:

The Walking Dead Series 1 DVD

These can also be found at the above link:

It’s mostly for zombie target practice! SHOOTING THINGS IS AWESOME!

This weekend that just passed, I went to see The Nutcracker at Royce Hall. I have listened to the soundtrack since I was really small but I had never seen the actual ballet. Pretty much my head exploded when I saw it this weekend. It reminded me that I love the Rat King:

Mostly I have been trying to find Rat King stuffs on the interwebz and I found this:

Cutest Rat King ever, right? I found here, on Etsy. It’s already sold, though. The gift section at the ballet didn’t have any Rat King stuff and I was pretty upset. I may or may not have scowled at someone.

Since we are talking about cute stuff already, check out these:

I Heart Guts!

They also have T Shirts:

Mostly the lungs are mai favey because both of mine collapsed earlier in the year and I use them a lot because I like to run and bike everywhere. So, be nice to your lungs!

Feel free to bestow upon me any of the above items. Doing so will keep you in my favor, for all time ever. J/K’s guise, J/K’s!

Do you want any of the stuff from this blog? Which one do you think is the best? If you had all the money, which would you buy me (you know, cuz we are BFF’s on the astral plane)?