Counting the days

My b-day is almost arrived, among 2 days i’ll turn on 20! Oh Gosh!

Those days are really really busy for my family and I, we are preparing a lot of stuff, cleaning the house, buy the last things…

Today i decorated my two Xmas tree, one in the living room, the classic ones, and Hello Kitty tree in my room, I’ll post the pics tonight

Yesterday I went to shopping with my parents, I bought the famous Tally Weijl dress I fell in love and the ankle boots too! Afer a long monologue if I were ok with that dress, finally I decided to buy it! Pics coming soon!

Then my parents and I went to my sponsors at confirmation’s house for celebrate the b-day of Matteo (one of them). He was born my same day, but we celebrated yesterday because he works during the week, and yesterday he was at home. Virginia, her wife, and best friend of my mum, cooked for a host! ha ha ha I was blowing up for so much food!

I’m a little afraid about my first exam, on 20th December, I hope it can be goes great! I’m studying music for movies and I hope to remember all the things and it can be an easy text

Love you guys