Charmed Again [FF] – 1X01 “Charmed Ones Again” CHAPTER ONE

A lot of years ago I wrote a fan fiction, a spin off about CHARMED, my fav tv show ever, now I want to can share with all of you, in the hope you like it!

This spin off is called CHARMED AGAIN and is based on 8 seasons, and talks about the Halliwell’s sons, Wyatt, Chris (Piper’s sons, appeared also in Charmed tv show) and Prudence Melinda (Phoebe’s daughter), is shot in the future 2025, when the three sons are teenage and they will be the new Power of Three who will fight with new demons.


Wyatt Matthew Halliwell – Wes Ramsey

Chris Perry Halliwell – Drew Fuller

Prudence Melinda Halliwell – Shiri Appleby

Piper Halliwell – Holly Marie Combs

Phoebe Halliwell – Alyssa Milano

Paige Matthews Halliwell Mitchell – Rose McGowan

Leo Wyatt – Brian Krause

Coop McKee – Victor Webster

Henry Mitchell – Ivan Sergei

1×01 – Charmed Ones Again – CHAPTER ONE

San Francisco, USA

September 2025

In 2025 Charmed Ones’ life is a little bit changed. Halliwell Manor is really empty compared to 20 years ago, here continues to live only Piper and her husband Leo and sometimes Phoebe and Paige come to greet them. Now the evil world doesn’t attack the sisters so frequently, Halliwells have thought to separate, but their bond, the Power of Three is strong like always.

Phoebe, for example, is trasferred not so far from the manor, in the apartment took 20 years ago, with her housband, Coop McKee. Paige, instead, lives in an apartment far a couple of miles from police station, where works her husband Henry Mitchell.

Beside Halliwell manor (where a time Dan Gordon lived) live Wyatt, Chris (Piper & Leo’s sons) and Prudence Melinda (Phoebe & Coop’s daughter).

Like every morning, Piper and Phoebe take the breakfast to their sons, even though they are adults (or well, adolescents), but they like go to greet them before go to work. Piper has always P3 night club and Phoebe works at BAY MIRROR, she became the new boss but she continues to has heart’s advices column in the newspaper

“It’s a luck that demons are so calm in the underworld” says Phoebe going down the stairs of the porch.

“Phoebe, don’t crow over a victory so soon, because it’s the true time they attack us!” exclaims Piper following the sister.

“Yes, I know… we should control our sons. They don’t know control their power so well…”

“I remind that just you won’t I locked their powers!” says Piper.

“Ok, ok… we’ll talk later!” Phoebe knocks at the door.

“Oh, hi mum, hi aunt. Thanks but you didn’t disturb, we can do it alone!” exclaims Prudence Melinda, greeting Phoebe and Piper. The girl is still a little bit sleepy and rubs one’s eyes.

“Hi my honey, I took you croissant with apricot jam. I know you love it” says Phoebe with a bright smile.


“What? It’s the habit… every morning I go to Piper and Paige and so I come to my daughter and my nephews too!”

“Ok mum… you are free to do everything you want!”

“Thanks for permit it to me!” exclaims Phoebe smiling.

“Can we enter?” asks Piper impatience.

“Ehm, sure aunt! Chris?!?!?!? Wyatt?!?!?!?” Prudence calls her cousins.

“Have you called us?” exclaims Chris going down the stairs “Hi mum!” and he runs to embrace her “Hi aunt!” and embrace also Phoebe.

“Hi Chris” says Phoebe “Where’s your brother Wyatt?”

“Ehm…” and he looks Prudence.

“C’mon, say it!” she whispers to him.

“But, c’mon… please, enter. Why are you standing at the door?” and Chris bekons Piper and Phoebe to enter.

“Chris, we aren’t stupid. What the hell is your brother?!” ask Piper becoming always more impatience. At her back a voice answers to her.

“I’m here, mum!” Piper turns toward the voice and sees Wyatt go up the path and go to her and embrace her.

“Where have you been?” cotinue to asks Piper.

“From dad, I’ve been to greet him, it was from so long time we didn’t talk”

“Before to go to your father!”

“Anywhere, where do you think I’ve been?”

“Wyatt, for the millionth time…” starts to say Piper.

“… yes, I know! Chris saved my life 20 years ago. I remember it very well!” Wyatt ends the phrase.

“Good! Don’t let you in troubles!”

“C’mon mum! Don’t be tragic, I have been only from dad….” He takes the wicker basket with the breakfast “Mmmh!!! It smells delicious!!! Why don’t you have breakfast with us?”

“Thanks Wyatt but I gotta go at work” exclaims Phoebe.

“Mum, you are the boss, where’s the problem if you are in late” replies Prudence.

“It’s a problem for me. I still have a column to carry out. Letters grow up every day more and I’m the only one to answer”

“You can use the magic!” propuse Prudence

“Nothing magic at work! Bye dear, see you later. Bye guys!” greets Phoebe.

“Hi aunt!” Wyatt and Chris greets her and Phoebe goes down the path, goes up the car and goes at the editorial office.

“And you mum?” asks Chris.

“I go to P3. Tonight there’s a new band who plays, I want everything is perfect” answers Piper.

“Ok, bye mum!” and Chris greets her with a kiss. Wyatt does the same. Prudence closes the door.

“Wyatt, why did you laid to your mother?” asks Prudence to the cousin.

“I didn’t lie to her… ok, but what could say to her? Mum, you know, I’m just come back to the underworld because a demon wanted attack you!” replies Wyatt raising the voice.

“Wyatt, don’t raise your voice with me, ok?” says Prudence.

“Stop it!” Chris stops them “how many years will I continue to separate you?”

“Until when our cousin doesn’t grow up!” answers Wyatt.

“Until when your brother doesn’t stop to let him in troubles. And for the record, I’ll turn on 20 soon! I take care of myself!” replies Prudence.

“I know… by the way I don’t let myself in troubles, I do something for protect my family from risks! I do it! You don’t!” and he orbs away.