Celebrities Love Their Gum: Stars Celebrate Trident Vitality Launch

What’s one necessity that Celebrities have on them at all times…gum of course. And some of Hollywood’s finest were treated to a sneak peek of Trident’s new stylish gum – Trident Vitality.

Tyson Beckford, Gossip Girl‘s Kelly Rutherford, Doug Reinhardt, Adrienne Bailon and NBA star Kelenna Azubuike were all on hand at an event celebrating the launch of thenew gum, which includes three blends of inspired ingredients – each with its own unique twist. Offered in three flavors – Vigorate™, Rejuve™ and Awaken™Trident Vitality adds a little piece of deliciousness to the gum-chewing experience, with either Vitamin C, ginseng or white tea infused into each delicious piece.

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If you could create your own custom gum — what flavor would it be?