Bye Bye 2010!

And also this years is gone! Someone of us already greets 2011, others are still wating for the new year, it’s time to do some balances of this last year and do new ones for 2011…

It seem I was just greeting the 2010 and 12 months are flied away so quickly, a lot of things are happened, great, good, bad and horrible one, but this is the life and I can’t say nothing just this!

I learnt to don’t trust to the people so much, because people always thinks to ownself and never to the others, there are only a few of people does it! And they are so rare to find! The only person you must trust is yourself, you know yourself better than anyone, and if you make a mistake you know it’s the life and the next time will not happen anymore!

Long this year I met new people and I knew better other ones, I laughed a lot with my family, I travelled, I saw concerts and new places, I met people I love, I shared a lot of things with my best friends, of course, I argued, I cried, I disappointed myself a couple of times, I started a new way, I heard, I’ve been heard…

A desire has been realized this year, the opportunity to meet of person my angel, and understand also he is attracted by me and is our destiny stay together, he understood it and I’m happy of this fact, now I wanna others one can be realized in this new year, someone I can say, others must be keep as a secret until 2012, I would all my family and all the people I love can be in health, can live own life in joy and can be happy. I wish the world in 2011 can be change a little bit in better, and that the children all over the world can smile and have someone which play and smile, I wish people stops to abandom animals, stops to kill and abuse of other people over all of children and women.

Stop to the violence in all its forms!

Stop to abuse of the nature, Mother Earth gave us a lot of precious gifts, we mustn’t throw them away! Our planet is our life!

So… I would do a list of the best things happened to me in this 2010, they aren’t in order or rilevance, just a list, every thing is at the top, without preferences.

– Have shared with my family everything, for this year, I feel to thank them for their support and their help. Without them, I couldn’t be here!

– Have met my angel and see, in general, my 4 jewels for 3 times

– Have shared with my best friend Antonella a lot of happy moments together

– Make piercings at the ears

– Have seen Tarja in concert for the first time

– Have shared with my American best friend Celine a lot of gifts and recieve from her amazing stuff, this is one of the things: Candie’s by Britney Spears collection

– Have dyed my hair in 3 different tons

– Have known Marina *smack*

– Have had great conversations with Hanna & Audrey

I wish to all of you a fantastic end of 2010 and an amazing beginning of 2011

Love you