The Best of Daphne Guinness

Unbelievably stylish “brewery” heiress/socialite Daphne Guinness has taken the fashion world by storm. She is a style icon, journalist, and an haute couture collector, appearing in Vogue multiple times. She was one of Alexander McQueen’s muses, and constantly walks the red carpet wearing his pieces. You’d think someone as wealthy and influential as her would have a larger-than-life ego, but she is surprisingly down to earth and never takes herself too seriously. Here is an excerpt from an article New York Magazine wrote about her in August of 2010:

“I’m dressed really weird.” Then again, she said she hadn’t dressed up for the fashion crowd. “I do it for the old people who laugh at me in airports,” she said. “I like to walk in with my heels and stand in front of people on their laptops and then drop down and suddenly they look up and you’re ten inches shorter,” she said, demonstrating her foot-relief technique. “And it gives everybody a good laugh. You can only dress like this if you get the humor of it.”

Vogue Italia February 2010

Daphne wearing full on McQueen at the Nars 15×15 launch in November 2010

In Vanity Fair (?)

Daphne as the face of Akris, photographed by Steven Klein

Vogue Italia 2009

Daphne walks for Naomi Campbell’s “Fashion For Relief: Haiti” show at New York Fashion Week in February 2010

Alexander McQueen’s memorial service on September 20th, 2010

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