Whats In My Bag

Bag: Tokyolux, lipstick lighter, blue lipstick, beauty sleep mask, 60s sunglasses, false lashes, candy lights, bra tape, Nylon magazine, hello kitty nail polish, Manic Panic green dye, glitter flower ring

Im on a flight right now to Philly, can’t wait to see my family and super cuddly doggy! Im listening to Ryan Adams and watching Marie Antoinette on my computer trying to ignore the fact im deathly scared of flying. Its going to be so nice just to catch up and relax over the holidays.

The entertainment industry is a strange world, everyone is looking for the next person to cling onto for some kind of pseudo recognition. At the end of the day you will only get anywhere by the old school tactic of hard work…. thats my advice to everyone. Work harder then the other person. Just do everything you know everyone else is not ganna put in the time to do. It never fails. I don’t play the game, I just know that what I want is what im going to do.