Awesome Hawaiian History Teachers Made a Teaching Baby on Youtube!

So, I’m hoping a lot of you guys are at least somewhat familiar with Schoolhouse Rock, right? The videos from the 70’s that taught math, science, history and grammar via song and animation? They are, true story, the only reason I can still remember the Preamble to the United States Constitution.

ANYWAY: let’s face it, as awesome as they are, they’re kind of, um…DATED. Well, luckily, a bunch of history teachers from Hawaii are giving us a new set of awesome songs/videos to use when we need to learn history. They’ve set up a YouTube channel featuring awesome videos set to historical parodies of pop songs.

Come on, admit it, you’d know more about mummification if Green Day had sung about it:

And what if the White Stripes had decided to teach you about Joan of Arc?

Oh, and my two favorites. J’Lo takes on Mary, Queen of Scots:

And Gwen Stefani hollas back about the Black Plague:

You can check out all of their videos, including Lady Gaga’s version of “The French Revolution” on YouTube.