Audrey Kitching’s New Year’s Review & Resolutions

Audrey Kitching is one of a kind. Alt-model, designer, amazingly talented DIY craftmaster, hair stylist, and Buzznet blogger and correspondent, Audrey has become a staple on the LA fashion scene. She’s the beauty behind Coco De Coeur and Tokyolux. You can’t miss her Betsey-Johnson-meets-Melanie-Griffith-a-la-Wild-Thing style and signature pink hair. Recently featured in Nylon Magazine for her Buzznet blog, Audrey has millions of fans worldwide and they simply can’t get enough!

Buzznet: What did you achieve in 2010 that you are most proud of?

Audrey Kitching: My clothing lines Tokyolux and Coco de Coeur!

BN: What was your theme song this year?

AK: Geeze I never thought about it… Maybe something french for fun!

BN: What is your New Year’s Resolution?

AK: Do more yoga, have my clothing in over 100 stores worldwide, get a new car and travel abroad! BN: What was your favorite album of 2010?

AK: I’m not really an album kinda person… I like songs and soundtracks.

BN: What was the worst trend in 2010?

AK: Neon

BN: What was your overall favorite blog you posted on Buzznet this year?

AK: DREAM BOARDS. I think everyone should make one!