It’s Almost Christmas Time On Buzznet!

One of the awesome things about Buzznet is that you have probably met and become BFFS with someone that lives on the other side of the globe. Maybe you haven’t met them IRL because they live so far away but whatever, that’s what the astral plane is for. Buzznet is where we come to share our lives and teh LoLz.

Buzznet gives us a place where people can share their unique experiences with those we may never had contact with if weren’t for the interwebz. I have become internet pals with some amazing folk on here and it’s pretty much the best thing evs. It’s like, a Christmas gift all year round THAT KEEPS ON GIVING.

Speaking of the most wonderful time of the year (other than Bree’s B-Day), it’s Christmas time on Buzznet! I’ve asked a few people here and there to share with us the various ways in which they celebrate the Christmas holiday in the lands that they hail from.

Just for today, I will like to pretend that I am a Gingerbread version of Santa (you know, because I’m brown and stuff). Santa would be nothing without his mighty Elvish Army (well, maybe I’m thining of Elrond in LOTR). None of this blog round up would have been possible if it weren’t for the awesome-tasic Iska, friend of Buzznet. So, thanks Iska, for helping me get all these blogs! You are the best!

Now, let’s see how some of those on Buzznet celebrate the holidays! Click on the links to see the original blog posts that each person has written 😀

TrustNo1 takes us on a tour of Mexico City during the holidays. There are pinatas and silly hats. She basically went wandering around Mexico City and snapped a bunch of awesome photos of people being all festive.

Silly hats with TrustNo1

Want to see how they celebrate the holidays in the Phillipines? Check out this blog by Prinsezha!

Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!

Let us venture to the land of Canada with Amanda and her CUTE CHILDRENS:

This blog is nothing to cry about!

GreyDott gives us a tour of his home and how the holidays are celebrated in Portugal. He has some amazing shots of a manger scene, complete with deocrations handed down generation to generation in his family.

Do you know who Pyrus is? I didn’t, until I read this blog by xxBrendonIsHotxx.

Also, this is probably the best tree ever:

Denmark’s Christmas Tree near an open flame is AMAZING. IM JEALOUS!

Check out Koti’s Jingle Bells Blog:

Annnd, JSYK, it looks like this currently in his hometown of Cagliari Sardinia, Italy:

Let’s go to Spain!

These amazing images were captured by KoKoDril. Read his blog about Christmas In His City.

Celebrate Christmas and Cultural Appropriation with IkkyG in Australia:

She has a TON of cute BB IKKY & SANTA PHOTOS. Check them out here!

Well, that’s all we have for now. I was supposed to write about Christmas in America and take pictures but I DIDNT HAVE TIME. All you really need to know about Christmas here is that we all buy each other SUV’s and things from Ikea catalogs that look expensive but really weren’t.


Nonoi takes on a tour of Lima, Peru:

Check out Nonoi’s blog HERE!

ISKA wants to wish us a:

Check out her blog about multiple dinners and Christmas in Poland – OMG IM A BLOG!

I’ll be adding more to this blog if others come in. Merry Christmas y’all! Oh and


This picture is old but wuteva wuteva, I DO WHAT I WANT!