Alessandra Amoroso, an Italian girl to discover

I would talk to you guys about an amazing Italian girl and an awesome singer, Alessandra Amoroso. She’s 24 years old and won the 8th edition of the Italian talent show AMICI (“Friends”), a talent show where singers and dancers are followed by professors and then they can have contracts with labels if they are singers or work in dance companies if they are dancers, they are voted by the public and in the end there is a winner, it’s a sorta of X FACTOR with dancers too.

So, I always loved Alessandra, her voice is a very black soul. And I voted her since the beginning and I was so happy she won the talent, she’s merited a lot!

I would make know this girl also to you, I already got her last album for my friend Celine and she loved it so much.

My desire is that Alessandra can become famous also in USA, because she is so talented!

In almost 2 years she won a lot of awards and platinum and gold discs


– 1st @ AMICI talent show + the critics’ award

– Double Platinum Disc for her first EP “Stupida” (Stupid)

– WIND MUSIC AWARD for “Stupida” sales


– Platinum Disc for her single “Immobile”

– Gold Disc for her single “Senza Nuvole” (Without Clouds)

– Triple Platinum Disc for her first album “Senza Nuvole”

– WIND MUSIC AWARD for “Senza Nuvole” album sales (Multi Platinum)

– Double Platinum Disc for her second album “Il mondo in un secondo” (The world in a second, released on September 2010, at the top of the charts for weeks)

She sings in Italian and English too, I would she could records a whole English album

Her Albums & EP




This is her first single FIND A WAY, I hope you like it

I’ll do other blogs about her, I want people knows her for her talent