Winners of the Deathly Hallows contest!

I wish I could take everyone with me and fly you all here, but alas, it’s not possible. Good news is that I was able to include one extra winner, bringing out the final results to 11!

Here’s a list of the eleven people who will have a ticket for Deathly Hallows waiting for them this Friday! If your name is on this list, I will be emailing you in the next 10 minutes with all your instructions and directions, so hold tight. If you don’t have an email from me soon, please comment and let me know!

All right, the winners!!!

kkitt05lizbizfizzKasia IzdebskaslartibartfasttwiggypoprocksStephanie SinkhornRebecca SimonKaylee Jensenjamessiriuspottertwelfthofnevercatatlas

I pulled these out of a bowl. I didn’t have a hat to put them in, so DON’T JUDGE.

Remember, if it hasn’t sold out, you are welcome to buy your own tickets to the 5pm showing this Friday at the Metreon in SF and come with us! We will be lining up/meeting up BY 4:00PM. Show up early! I’ll probably have a sign because WHY NOT.

Thanks and congrats!

PS: If someone can’t go, I’ll email one of the other two people who entered and did not win. So ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST.