Will ‘Danger Days’ Be the Last My Chemical Romance Album? UPDATED

With how long it took to get news of Danger Days: The Real Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys some fans were beginning to wonder if we would ever hear anything from the band at all. And some fans, mostly me, took to teasing that this would be their last album.

Um, we mostly weren’t serious. But we might have been right.

According to reports, Gerard had this to say to NME:

“This record could be our last big adventure – that’s why we had to make it again, that’s why we spent the money, that’s why we’re going to spend more on how it looks than we ever have.”

Now, before anyone freaks the fuck out, because I know you will, taking that as an indication that this is their final album, for good and forever, is a really tight read. Gerard says it “could” be their “last big adventure,” the words “album” never play into it and there’s definite doubt. This could just be taken to mean “We don’t know if we have another album in us,” or it could be “Our next album might not be as grand as Danger Days and Black Parade.”

Or, it could just be Gerard saying something in an interview that doesn’t entirely mean anything and some people are reading too much into it.

That said, the important thing right now is that we’re getting Danger Days on the 22nd, and from the leaked tracks and previews we’re getting, if this is their last big adventure, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

UPDATE: According to Gerard’s Twitter

Every big adventure should feel like your last, every attempt should feel like a final charge up the hill. Tomorrow doesn’t exist.

In other words: that quote wasn’t meant to be any hint that this is the last MCR album.