Want of Xmas, cupcakes and changes

This afternoon I had a test at the university about analysis of movies, I think I’ve been a good test, I feel me almost quiet about it, I’ll tell you the result when the teacher checks my test 😉 I’ve been at the university only for to do this little exam because I’m not very well, it’s been a really busy week, with a lot of hours at the college so tomorrow I decide to stay at home for relax me and do some things at home, maybe I’ll cook cupcakes, it’s a lot I don’t make them!!! Anyone loves cupcakes like me?

On Saturday I’ll go with my dad to search for some Xmas decorations for my friend Celine, she asked me if I could send to her some Italian Xmas decorations with “Buon Natale” (“Happy Xmas” written in Italian) and she send to me some of American Xmas decoration, I can’t wait to see all the city full of lights and decorations, so to feel Xmas’ spirit and come back child, just today I saw a lot of Xmas tree put in my square, I said: Xmas is arriving!

For this year I decided to buy Hello Kitty Xmas Tree, I saw one similar to this one:

but all white and with schocking pink ornaments, I must have it absolutly!!! I saw it one on a depliant, and it’s not so expensive, less of 35$ (about 25€)

Then I’m so bored to my hair and I decided to dye it a couple of weeks ago my b-day, I think I’ll go to my hairstylist in the end of this month… I need to dye my hair because there are a lot of colours in my head, I seem a rainbow hahah

My idea of new hair is this one:

or well, like Aud’s hair in this pic, but inverted, where she has pink hair i’ll dye black, and where she’s black hair i’ll dye pink

What do you think?