Truck Stop

Boots: Dr.Martens, Dress: Virgo, Hat: San Fran Vintage, Sunglasses: Tokyolux

Im back in Hollywood looking at the most massive pile of clothing I have ever seen. At some point in the next few days I will have to unpack it all, for now…its a nice addition to my living room. Waffle is on cloud 9. I have never seen her so happy, she is following me around like a lost puppy. I spent most of my day in the fashion distric downtown sampling for new Coco De Coeur & Tokyolux lines. Zippers, glitter, foil…need I say more? The rest of my night looks like a trip to Whole Foods, Target and a massage house call. After the last month its seems like the most appropriate thing to do. Followed by Netflix, an aromatherapy bubble bath and some much needed sleep. Im glad to be home but its bitter sweet.

P.S I have been wearing a different pair of Simpson socks everyday for the past week…. I either need to wash them, or buy more. Im chosing the latter.