Today is the Day to Make Your Voice Count: VOTE

I know that no matter what state you live in, you have probably spent the last few months under a constant barrage of radio, tv, and carrier pigeon advertisements from different candidates about how evil/immoral/incapable/Communist their opponents are. You have also probably listened to more than a few seemingly scripted conversations between husbands and wives (“Honey, I’m not that sure about this Prop 26 business” “Well, dear, I’ll tell you what, it’s all about rewarding special interest groups…” etc etc.). It’s definitely hard in this type of political climate to know up from down, and to make decisions.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make these decisions. The right to vote is a gift. In so many countries decisions have ripped from the hands of the people, and in our own country women had to fight long and hard to secure the privilege of having a say in what goes on in the country they live in.

You ALL have this privilege. And you must use it. You MUST use your voice to make a meaningful impact. Don’t tell me one vote doesn’t count, because that is lazy, ridiculous, and quite frankly defies logic. If you’re having trouble sorting through the myriad issues, (and I don’t blame you) take a look online to see which issues are most meaningful to you, and do a little research. Ask friends and colleagues who share your views on most things political. Consult a Ouija Board (just kidding, don’t do that). But get out there and VOTE.

If you need to find a polling place near you, check out this SITE for help. Go forth!