Tarja’s blog #1 – Sunny greetings from Buenos Aires!

October 19th 2010

It is so nice to be back at home. The sun is shining and I can go out for running every day!

The trees are green already and the city looks pretty. I enjoy my morning coffee every morning outside in my beautiful balcony. Oh, life is good.

I have decided the concert program for my Christmas concerts already and started to rehearse for them. After next European rock tour, I won’t have too much time to go through all (only 5 days) so I have to do it right now.

It feels good to get my mind into different mood again with classical music, even though it might feel odd to you to imagine me singing Xmas song at this time of the year. I am sure though that the Christmas concerts in Finland will be a success again with Kalevi, Erkki and Marzi. It’s been a pleasure to perform with them.

I am working hard to get this project outside of the Finnish borders my friends! I know that many of you are already coming to see my concerts in Finland, but my biggest wish is to get this tradition abroad in 2011.

Soon I will start checking all the material that was filmed and recorded in Lahti last Christmas for a DVD release next year.

I am truly excited though about the Alice Cooper tour that is starting in two weeks. I am sure I am going to learn many things from Mr. Cooper during this tour and it is an honour to be part of it. Few artists nowadays are putting a show on stage and he is one of them.

There are many German cities we will be travelling through, so I hope to see many of my German friends in the shows.

There is also going to be a signing session in Media Markt, Munich on the 6th of November at 12:00. Be there!

Few words about a new project I am starting to work with; as I told you earlier, I have many plans for side projects. I have been really lucky to meet and work with many talented people during my career and this won’t be an exception.

Though I have known these persons already for some years and even worked with them!

Now we are putting all our strength and knowledge together, creating something very beautiful. Some of you might be quite surprised about this, but it is something I have wanted to do already for many years.

I just haven’t had enough time, or possibilities. You’ll get to know more about it when the time is right 😉

With all my love, Tarja