Station To Station

By now, everyone of us, knows my passion for David Bowie.

Well, how can I describe him? Really, I don’t know… I hope that: simply a legend can be enough! A man who changed the music, the fashion and lifestyles, a man I would meet one day for say him how much important he’s for me!

For my 20th b-day, I asked to my parents to give as gift the “STATION TO STATION” reissued.

It’s been hard, but in the end it’s arrived, today!

In Italy only 8 people has this collection edition, I’m one of them!

What’s inside…

– Station To Station cd from original analogue master

– Previously unreleased 1976 live concert from Nassau Coliseum NY on cd

– 1985 RCA cd master

– Singles cd e.p.

– New harry Maslin DTS 96/24 and dolby digital 5.1 surround sound mix & stereo mix

– 180g audiophile vinyl of original analogue master

– 180g audiophile vinyl of 1976 Nassau Coliseum concert

– Replica Backstage Pass

– Replica Biography

– Individually numbered replica ticket

– Replica band line up

– 3 press photos

– Replica fan club folder

– Replica fan club membership card

– Replica fan club certificate

– 2 collector’s cards

– 2 A-4 size photos prints

– 2 badges

– Poster

Anyone is a David Bowie’s fan like me?