Seeking Dreams……Chapter Seventy-Five

The next morning Gabrielle gets up bright and early.

In fact, it’s not even daylight yet.

She’s still disturbed about the night before.

And after she stormed up to bed and roughly pulled the covers over her head, her mind was still racing.

“Was it really him?”

“Was that even his truck?”

“Or am I just going off again?”

She thinks about this over and over again till she can’t even think anymore.

She then just slips out of bed, makes sure Jared’s still asleep, and then she slowly makes her way for the door and then the stairs.

She now stands by the back door windows, looking out into the yard.

Light is coming, and her mind is still going.

“I’m going out of my mind,” she says out loud now taking a sip.

Awhile later the suns fully up.

Gabrielle’s now is sitting at the kitchen counter, now on her fifth cup of coffee.

There’s a sudden noise from upstairs, but she doesn’t even move.

It’s Jared.

Seconds later, soft footsteps come down the stairs, and they walk into the kitchen.

“Sweetie?” Jared says softly as he walks in.

“Who else?” Gabrielle says sarcastically as she now turns towards him.

“So this is where you’ve been. I thought you were in your office room” Jared says now pouring himself some coffee.

“Yes well, I don’t know. How’d you know I was out?” Gabrielle says now rubbing her eyes.

“I donno, it’s like I can feel when your around me and when your not. Weird I know, but…that’s how it is”

“Mmm, no. I can understand that. And hey, at least the neighbors don’t think your some sort of wacko armed with a bat”

Jared laughs at that.

“You need to clam down” he then says.

“Don’t I though?” Gabrielle says now getting up.

“No, listen, I think you need to sit and, just relax. You know I would never let him hurt you”

“Yeah, but tell my nerves that”

Jared then walks up to Gabrielle and then raps his arms around her.

“You need to clam down, that’s all. Chill. And, I think you need to keep your mind occupied” he then says to her.

“Like work?” she says.

“Like maybe a hobby”

“Oh yeah. Your have a mental breakdown Gab, so get a hobby. I think I’ll take up knitting” Gabrielle says now shaking her head.

“Jeez, your more of a smart-ass then usual” Jared laughs.

“Mmm, sorry, no sleep”

“Well then lets go back up to bed. We don’t need to be at city hall till noon or so”

“I guess”

Jared then picks Gabrielle up and then carry’s her back upstairs.

“So I guess this is my answer” Gabrielle says now as Jared now pulls the covers over the both of them.

“Yep” Jared says now kissing her.

“Now rest your mind. It’s going to be ok” he then says.

“Hope your right” Gabrielle then thinks.