Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary Party

Photos Via Wireimage

80 Prom Dress: Vintage, Shoes: Lita, Headband: Made by me, Belt: Yard Sale

Last night was the Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary Party! I have been running around like a crazy lady the past two weeks so inevitably I woke up with a fever. In my hallucination daze I came up with this outfit which then later reminded me of a child beauty pageant star. I got the 80s prom dress from a little store in Pomona and cut the bottom off….it had to be done. Ferris wheels, carnival games, cotton candy and a pop shop to die for…I can’t wait for you guys to see my video tour! If you live in Los Angeles it’s open to the public, you need to check it out this month! After about an hour of the amazing Japanese madness I turned into a pumpkin Cinderella style and had to return to my big fluffy bed to fight the fever bugs.

My favorite Sanrio character is the Twin Stars… They kinda look like me & my boyfriend now! Whats yours?