Rock The Ballet

I’m just come back home from theatre w/ dad, we saw “Rock The Ballet” one of the best dance show I’ve ever seen in all my life, really!

I’m glad to my city, Trieste, to has hailed Rasta Thomas’ company. Luckily the theatre of my city has had a lot of fantastic show of international fame like: Mamma mia!, Cats, Momix, only for quote someone, Rock the ballet and Complexions for this season. It’s a honour for me can say: “I’ve been to this show” (Momix, Rock the ballet, La Fin de Terres, Thriller Live, are only a couple of show I have assisted, and the next will be Complexions), shows that are really famous in America and in the rest of the world, I had the pleasure to see them.

For me, dance means emotion, joy, happiness, sadness, power, poetry, it’s an art I’ve always loved and I will never stop to dance, because dance is my life and everytime I see a dance show I cry, and this happened also today.

The show started with “I gotta feeling” (Black Eyed Peas) and continued on U2’s, Michael Jackson’s and Queen’s songs.

A mix of emotions and shivers along my body

I loved the coreography on “A beautiful day” and “With or without you” by U2, “Man in the mirror” by Michael Jackson and “Will we rock you” and “Bohemien Rapshody” by Queen

A show that merits all my applauses and all my passion for the music