QUESTION OF THE DAY: What Title Would You Give Your Autobiography?

This Question of the Day is brought to you by Seb. He actually gave me a list of questions I could do if I ever ran out of things to ask about. Seeing as how my brain isn’t working as of late, I’ve pulled a question from the magic list of knowings and now you have this QOTD.

Someone already wrote about me and her name is Ayn Rand. She wrote a book about me doing stuff with the world on my shoulders. Mostly, it is a world full of fluffy kittens and vegan baked goods. Should I ever shrug, the ball would come sliding off my totally built back, crack open, and then I would eat everything. I should shrug more often.

If someone wrote about you, what the title of your book be? Extra points if you can create a cover. GO!