Portland – Land of Beards and Vegan Food

I’ve been in Portland all week. I want to write bunches but I am lazy and interneting while under the influence of delicious. Here are some quick notes.

Here’s a photo of some bread. Mostly these loafs come out of a giant oven and then roll along all these little belts and go all over this building. it’s like a bread adventure. I wish I took video but I didn’t because I am lazy.

This is a coaster from The Bye & Bye. It’s a vegan eatery that serves beer. I took this coaster home because I steal things.

Jesus ate with me while I was at The Bye & Bye.

Suckin on a chili dog.

Portland has food carts EVERYWHERE. Most places that are around have vegan options for everything, so that’s way rad.

VEGAN POUTINE. Potato Champion.

Vegan corn dogs from Hungry Tiger Too.

The Dirty Mindy at The Red & Black Cafe. It’s all vegan, all the time. Rock.

The Paradox Cafe. Check out the nomz below:

Those are vegan sausage patties that were good and garlic-y. There’s taters that are nice and crispy mixed with seasoned tofu. There is also a biscuit smothered in gravy somewhere under that pile of yum.

I found an olde tyme phone so my friend snapped a photo. Yay!

I went ice skating for the first time ever. It was fun as all heck. I fell once and cut my wrist. BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR.

The end.