Pieces of the Things We Love

Everyone loves something, even if you’re like me and you love to hate things. I asked a few users to share with us the things that they love and here they are, in no particular order.

Amanda (xSuckMyKissxx) is probably one of the most awesome mom people on the planet. Her kids are all climbing all over her profile almost as if it was a set of monkey bars.

I love this collage! It’s so good!

Not only are her kids totally adorbz, they make her awesome art projects. She wrote up an awesome blog that you can read by going here – OMG BLOGZ!

Dawn (Reverie3) conjured up something amazing which was inspired by all the things she loves:

Photography and art can be found all over Dawn’s profile. She is an amazing and talented craftsperson if I do say so myself. I’m so glad that she shares things with us on Buzznet!

Here’s what she said about her new piece (which I totally dig):

“These are pieces of things I love!

My art, my photography, and honestly I’ve never taken so many photos in my life as I have since I’ve been a Buzznet member! I love being able to combine both mediums together with the aid of photo manipulation!! This represents so many things I love, art, photography, nature and buying cool old stuff, like the camera in this photo!

And there you have it!”

Keep sharing Rev! We love everything you do! 😀

Iska wrote us an blog about all the cool things she loves. There’s a MASSIVE folder full of Britney Spears and this kick arse key chain (OMG SHE SENT ME ONE AND I WEAR IT EVERYDAY ON MY BELT LOOP) collection:

Iska blogs and photos are always changing and getting better. We are lucky to have her on our site. Go read her blog HERE OMG ITS AWESOME and be her friend. She will make your day better with her notes she leaves. She’s like, Buzznet’s BFF. Yay Iska!

The cover of her Britney Spears folder is the thumbnail for this blog 😀

If you don’t know who KatieJRod is, WHO AM I KIDDING? We all know and love Buzznet’s little ray of sunshine. She came up with this I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN SO HERE:

Here’s what Katie said about her piece –

“It was the first time I’ve ever done sketching, so I wasn’t exactly sure how long it would take me. Now I know, it takes 7-8 hours for one little thing. Cool beans.

Anywho, the thing I love is MUSIC. Obviously. It is one of my most favorite things in the whole world and inspires every move I make. Recently I have been spinning tracks from the band This Century. One could say that I am healthily obsessed with their music at the moment. And I’ve listened to their song “Hopeful Romantic” 209 times in the past week. I LOVE THIS SONG. I feel as though it’s singing out a part of who I am… I am the most hopeful of romantics. So it was my inspiration for this sketch. The chest cavity is exposed and atop the inner workings of the body is a heart… a heart that is torn open and spilling out its loving contents. Because, as you may have come to find, my heart is always open for love. The opening line to the song is “Don’t stop me from falling” and is quoted at the bottom of the spill. I thoroughly approve of this line (and all the others in the song) because when I open up my heart to someone I don’t want anyone to tell me otherwise.”

If I ever try to sketch something for 7-8 hours, it pretty much just looks like how FAIL would look if it was squiggly. Katie’s awesome now comes in pencil/pen form, apparently. Katie, is there anything you can’t do? You are AMAZING!

Ashly (NewAgeAmazon) has written probably the best poem ever. Take that, Homer!

They say there’s a cure for us

but what they don’t disclose

is that it’s just a new disease.

But they prefer the symptoms,

they look better on TV.

A designer illness

perfected for the mainstream.

We’ll always be sick.

We only have ourselves to blame,

because the pieces of the things we love

will never fit together well enough

with the pieces of all the things

they say we’re supposed to be.

I don’t even know what to say about how this makes me feel. I think Ash has just woven a blanket with which I will like to cover myself and lay in the fetal position till the end of times. The last six lines of this poem knock me out. SO GOOD.

Want to know what AllTimeNoelle loves? I’ll give you a hint –

I love the edit of this picture and how The Maine pops out 😀

Here’s what I love:

I know this isn’t like, some crazy JAW DROPPING piece of art that is going to change the world and stuff but w/e, STOP JUDGING ME! I love all you crazy people that post to Buzznet and stuff and make it the fun place that is.

Thanks for sharing with us your speshul snoeflake-yness and making our little site your home.

Thanks to everyone that sent something in! I will probz be adding things in so check back for updates!

What things do you love? Share with us in the comments!