Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub

It may sound weird, but washing your face with olive oil can help clear your complexion and minimize pores. Add sugar, and you’ve got an exfoliator perfect for the face and legs. Ideally, everything you put on your face should be edible—your skin is an organ that takes in a huge amount of toxins each day. This olive oil and sugar scrub is all natural and cheap!

You only need two ingredients: extra virgin olive oil and sugar. There’s not really a set amount of each ingredient; you can customize the oil to sugar ratio to best suit your skin type (people with oily skin may want to use more sugar than oil while more oil would suit dry skin).

I have a combination of dry/sensitive/normal skin, and this is what the consistency of my scrub looks like:

I would say it’s about 3/5 sugar, 2/5 oil.

Use this scrub once a week and it will do wonders for your skin!

If anyone tries it, tell me how it works!