Jazmin Whitley & friends

Hi Awesome buzznet friends!! 😀

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far.

I had a really fun shoot for my street wear collection


by Cameron McCool


and Erica Lauren check out her buzznet! byericalauren.buzznet.com

Here are a few pictures from all the exciting adventures:

Meet my team:

Photographer CAMERON 🙂 pronounced CAM-RON

Photographer Erica: :] Pronounced URRica

My Fabulous stylist Troy aka T-skillet

We shot photos for a feature that Glimmer magazine is doing on me & my clothing line 🙂 my photos and interview will be in the winter issue

Troy adjusting my leather jacket from my new street wear collection

Two things I have in hand at all times:

1) my phone

2) a starbucks drink of some kind. usually a chai

a rack of my new street wear in my showroom 🙂


Li Cari model BLAKE getting all dolled up:

Li Cari model KATE getting all glammmy for me:

a shot from the street wear shoot by Cameron:

A Shot from the street wear shoot by Erica:

my spring/summer 2011 collection rack (:

I’m going to blog more i swear! (: check back soooon.


yours truly,

designer Jazmin Whitley