Foxtail Keychains by Dolls Kill

After receiving a D on my history essay, I needed a little pick-me-up. So I’ve decided to blog about “Dolls Kill,” a website that sells the raddest foxtail keychains on the internet! Last year, I took a gamble and bought a foxtail keychain off eBay for $20. That was a big mistake—the picture was totally misleading and I ended up getting a non-fluffy, fake-looking foxtail. Each keychain Dolls Kill produces is 100% authentic and accented with either leather tassels or a metal dog tag. Go “Natural” and buy a dappled gray or brown tail. You can also go out on a limb and choose a “Maximalist” tail, dyed in bright reds, greens and pinks! There’s even a THIRD CHOICE! “Minimalist” tails come in a solid black or white. Each keychain is $85, the norm for a good quality foxtail.

“Piss Head” foxtail, as seen on Glee! (Worn by Kurt.)

Click HERE to shop Dolls Kill.