Foreign Vogue: France and China’s Bibles of Style

I bought Vogue Paris and China the other day…Barnes and Noble didn’t have the latest issues of each, but I wanted to share a few pages! In comparison to American Vogue, Vogue China featured more articles that would appeal to teens, probably because there is no Chinese edition of Teen Vogue. They stooped so low as to publish photos of Miley Cyrus’ “style.” Also, I noticed that no Asian models were used for the fashion editorials—instead, they were photographed for the lifestyle and beauty features.

The July issue
Georgia Jagger
To be honest, I couldn’t figure out the names of these girls. I think one of them is Angelababy, but I’m not sure.

Moving on to Vogue Paris: because of France’s relaxed views of nudity, there was a whole lot more skin showing in this version of Vogue than in China and American Vogue combined. I adored the editorials—they were darker and edgier than anything I’ve seen American Vogue do.

The October issue celebrates Vogue Paris’ 90 anniversary! (Lara Stone is the cover model.)
Punk fashion
Editorial on the Seven Sins

What do you think of these foreign editions of Vogue?