El Rich Goes To The Magic Castle

On Halloween, I was treated to a very speshul adventure at Hollywood’s Magic Castle. Nevermind that this place is a “Members Only” dining club where you are treated to prestigeous acts of prestidigitation, for I managed to weasle my way into this place by dressing as THE HELP to take pictures of the venue. Actually, that isn’t true in the slightest. You can actually go here if you get an invite from a member or sell your first born to the Magicians Alliance or something.

A friend of mine decorated the place and needed some photos of his work taken. Since I work for cups of coffee and/or pie, a deal was written on a faux lamb skin parchment in stage blood that would allow me document his handy work with mai trusty camera.

Here we go!

Those are little prop ravens, crowing about. They put all this netting and stuff on the outside of the Magic Castle (which really is just a big house) to make it look all crazy.

Epic tug of war.

O hai! There is a room full of these little ravens in cages. It’s pretty neat/sad. I mean, if they were real this would suck. Oh I know you were just outside on the roof and being free and stuff but why don’t you stay in a cage so that I may enjoy your hopping about, tiny bird? WHY DONT YOU?

There are webs all over the place. It’s like walking into that No Doubt song “Spiderwebs” except like, for reals.

And what makes all the webs? THIS:


This is one of the multiple bars that are in the Magic Castle. From this sign, there are these cool stings of lights that go all over the hallways of the castle. It’s like a dead circus in this place, srsly. I WANT TO LIVE HERE.

It wouldn’t be Halloween if there weren’t punkin’s, y/y?

They are all over too. It’s kinda like the Giant Spider make punkin poops all over the place.

– The Piano Room –

This display thing above/below was BUILT. It’s basically a massive piece of thing that can be taken apart and stored for later scary times. I don’t know why this place isn’t always decorated like this because it is bad ass.

There are few displays here and there with bones strewn about. Thank goodness no one took any of the bones laying around. I totally would have. That’s why people like me aren’t usually allowed in places like this. I STEAL EVERYTHING THAT ISN’T BOLTED DOWN.

I hope you enjoyed your glimpse into this place you will probably never visit because none of us are uber cool enough to probz ever go or get an invite. Thank our trusty Satyr guide!

We’ll be busy at the bar getting hammered because this is the last time we will probz ever be here and what better way to remember than by FORGETTING.