Donut Shop

Headband: Zac Posen, Shirt: Tokyolux, Flannel: My Dad’s, Bag: Jeremy Scott, Sunglasses: Vintage 60s, Shoes: Lita, Necklace: Coco De Coeur

At the time I thought taking scanning polaroids and cropping them was a good idea… im now seeing that maybe it wasn’t. I wish I wore this outfit to a Nirvana concert circa 1990’s but instead i went grocery shopping at the asian markets in Little Tokyo. The best part about having clothing lines is I create everything I want to wear. I find myself wearing Tokyolux on a daily basis because of its comfort alone! I have been non-stop since I landed in L.A …I need to find some quiet alone time soon, for fear of going nuts. I played hooky from my Yoga class last night for Netflix & pizza…now regreting that action. Headed down to Huntington beach for a mini vacation. Jacuzzi, takeout, the beach and movies.

My new favorite thing is the tea that blooms into flowers when it hits the water! Anyone else try this?