Dear angel… – I need you to survive #2

November 28th, 2010

Dear angel,

I’m so sad for what happened 2 days ago, I hope you are better, I don’t understand why people is so stupid! I can’t sopport people hurts you, there’s no humility! I was schocked while I was watching those videos… oh Lordy!!! If I could to be with you! If I were with you, I could protected you, and tell you it’s all ok, but instead I’m here, and I’m crying because I’m powerless, I’m not there, with you!

I’ll never forget our first meet, oh Lordy! You came in my life like a storm and you moved my heart and thanks to you, I understood the meaning of the word “love”, thanks to you, I learnt a lot of other things, I learnt to be myself, you made me become the real myself!

Everytime we are together, we can breath and fell us free!

I would to can escape with you in a desert island, far from everybody and from everything, only you & me

You already know that all those words and the others you have read aren’t false or words from a girl who had a crush for you, when I talk about love, I’m so serious, and I don’t lie and all my feelings for you are completly true and I’ll continue to fight for can stay together, it’s a promise!

With love,