Community Update: Comment Subscriptions

Remember when you would be notified every time someone made a comment on a post after you did on our old Buzznet site? If you can’t recall because you are so madly in love with the new site, they were in the right-hand side bar next to the “Comments By Me.”

Well, we’ve brought those back! However, this is now an option on posts. It is automatically set to follow all comments after yours in this handy check box below:

If you don’t want to read every comment after yours, simply unclick that box before you post. Should you want to follow the conversation, just click the option to do so. And don’t worry, you will still receive normal updates from comments made on your posts and direct replies to comments you make anywhere on the site.

You’ll see your comment subscriptions in the drop down menu in the top navigation bar:

I was looking at Candl1988’s adorbz “James” photo earlier as you can see

Stay tuned for more updates and as always, your comments and feedback are always appreciated, so have at it!