Black Cards’ Teaser for New “Club Called Heaven” Video

Apparently the new “thing” for bands to do is post teaser trailers for their music videos. Not that I mind, it’s another thing to get hyped up about. Like this teaser for the first video from the Black Cards for their amazing single “Club Called Heaven.”

The video is vintage movie footage with Pete and Bebe inserted via some kind of special effect I won’t even pretend to understand. What I do understand is Pete robs a bank and Bebe is a disembodied head for awhile.

The video is apparently directed by Shane Valdez, a director who’s worked a lot with Panic! at the Disco (he’s a friend of the band), including direct the viral videos “A Weekend at Pete Rose’s” and “Panic! at Butch Walker’s.”

The video premiers on November 9th. Are you excited?