20 days to 20 years

Time is nearly here to my b-day, less 17 days and I’ll turn on 20!

Oh my Gosh! I’m really old, it seems yesterday that I went to the high school or did some things and now, i’m almost 20 and think to the past, I have no regrets, or well, maybe someone but in the end I say: it’s ok in this way, doesn’t matter! it’s happened in that way because had to be done in that way, destiny chose it! If I could go back maybe I would to see some dear people to me, but then I would be more sadness than now, so the memory of those people will stay in my heart forever and I know they’ll be there in every moment.

I made a lot of mistakes during my life, over all in those last days, I trusted to bad people, some people used me like a toy, said me I’m a shit, a bitch, a liar, and a lot of other adjectives… and sometimes I’m not able to understand who I am, if I merit to stay here, why I give a lot of love to the people and people doesn’t love me at the same way and I haven’t the right respect.

Luckily I’ve always had my parents near, during my way, otherwise really I don’t know if I could be here to write these things. I know it’s a bad thought, and I wish to everyone to don’t prove it ever, it’s so hard can see something of positive in the dark.

Now I’ll try to be strong, more strong than before! It’s a promise, for me, for my family and for my reason of life!

So, on 7th December, it’s my b-day, my friend Alice will come to me and we’ll spend a fantastic day, I haven’t decided what to do that day, yet, but I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun. We talked about a Japanese dinner, for the rest is all to plan!

This afternoon I hang out with my parents and bought some things, and it’s arrived my b-day gift by my parents! I’m really really happy!!!

If tomorrow will be a good day with no rain, I go at the stage of a hip hop dancer, Niako, i’ve never worked with him, it will be a pleasure could learn something new! When I started the university, I hadn’t the time to can continue my hip hop lessons, I miss dance so much!

Black shirt: vintage; Necklace: H&M; Jeans dungarees: Sasch; Black leggings: Tezenis; Boots: vintage

How it’s been your week?