Taylor Momsen on the Cover of Revolver

The Pretty Reckless frontwoman slings guns on the cover of this month’s Revolver magazine.

I can’t say I love everything about the cover, especially the way her shirt is riding up to expose her hip. I’m sure it’s supposed to be sexy, but it just manages to look uncomfortable to me. Like, do you maybe wanna fix that before we go on with the next photo? No? Okay.

However, the one thing I have loved about Taylor since seeing her live at Warped Tour this past year is that her sexy comes with a tough edge. She’s not doing the sexy thing FOR YOU. And it comes across to me as very, yes, I’m not wearing much clothing, I’m making you want me, but it’s the way I want to dress and you’re still not getting any closer to me than I want you to. Of course, in this photo, the guns really help.

Egotastic.com also had a version of the photo without the cover text on it:

Her shoes are GUNS. Seriously.

I’m only going to say this once: I don’t care if you dislike Taylor, dislike her style or dislike women who are comfortable with their bodies, I will NOT have any slut shaming in the comments. If you feel yourself tempted to do so, instead click here and make an important purchase.