Are the Stars of Glee Going Down with Miley Cyrus?

As most of you know, Corey Monteith, Diana Agron and (yes, unfortunately you guessed correctly) Lea Michele of Glee appeared in a racy photo shoot for GQ Magazine. Okay, maybe the Corey part wasn’t racy, but the Diana and Lea parts definitely were.

I’m not one for censorship and I’m certainly not a prude. But I found it odd that GQ chose to feature the innocent, ballad-warbling high school kids portrayed on PG-rated Glee with their legs wide open wearing tiny skirts and knee socks. We’re entering the R-rated zone now. I guess it’s their “rite of passage” to break out of their little starlet shells and start getting serious. I mean, Miley Cyrus did that, right?

Some consider the following photos to “border on pedophilia.” Wrong. Lea Michele and Diana Agron are well over 18. Just because they play high school students on Glee doesn’t mean they’re minors in reality. Though the photo shoot definitely wasn’t G rated, I don’t think it was outrageously horrible, pedophiliac, or a danger to America’s grade school Glee fans. Last time I checked, ten year olds shouldn’t be reading GQ in the first place.

Oooh, scandalous.
Nice tattoos, Lea.
I feel like this is something Lea Michele has always wanted to do.
What do you think of Glee Gone Wild?