Sorry I do not have another review today, but I have something else!

I only published two reviews on days with really short reviews because I felt kind of bad and because I don’t really want to rush through this book. BECAUSE IT’S THE LAST ONE OH GOD.

Anyway, Kasper is coming to my house tomorrow to stay with me for two months for SUPER AWESOME AMERICAN VACATION TIMES and he doesn’t know it yet because he is ON A JET PLANE, but I am going to TRY to convince him to do a joint review with me in a very special way, since we haven’t had a single AIM review for this book.


Also, someone people TWITTER FLIPPED on me when I said I was going camping in Yosemite this weekend. MARK MARK MARK DOES THAT MEAN I WILL HAVE TO GO DAYS WITHOUT YOUR WORDS. Oh, baby birds, I will never forget you. There will be no break in reviews, though I might not be commenting whilst camping. So do not fret! I have it all planned out.

Oh god, there are so many surprises for the future I can hardly contain myself. So I’ll instead keep my mouth shut and share this amazing comic drawn by Marie Condenzio (mariegoos here on Buzznet). Shower her with praise. This is also a stunningly accurate portrayal of what it’s like when I read these books.


Also, someone *said* they were going to comic-ize my final Mark Reads Twilight review. Oh god THAT IS AMAZING. I welcome and accept any art or macros inspired by these reviews.