Rich’s Haunted Video Clip Emporium From The Dark Side Of The Web

If by “Dark Side Of The Web” I actually mean YouTube, then yes, that is precisely what I mean. Mostly, I can be found playing any one of the following songs endlessly on repeat or watching any one of the clips I am about to share with you at any given time in my head.

That being said, let us start off with the only woman I will ever love. Her name is Marge and she’s pretty freakin’ awesome. She drove her pick em up truck straight into the highway of my heart.

If you don’t know who this hot tamale is, she is none other than Large Marge, from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Check out The Tale of Large Marge by clicking here.

The Brothers Quay

If you have never seen anything by The Brothers Quay, you are in for a visual treat. They are masters of stop motion and have some of the coolest short films ever.

The above clip is from “Les Embaumeurs.” I fall asleep to the rickety old VHS that I have of all their short films at least once a week and dream about people without skull caps. It’s good times.

Their influence can be seen in the video “Sober” by Tool. While the video was mad sans any Brothers Quay help, there are obvious comparisons.

Nine Inch Nails also borrowed heavily from The Brothers Quay when creating the video for “Closer.” If you click that link, you will be taken to the uncensored version of the video that is full of naked people and Monkey Jesus, so BE CAREFUL. I will instead share with you this other NIN video –

Help Me I AM In Hell

This is definitely my fave NIN song. I used to have a CASSETTE TAPE with this song on a loop on Side A, and the intro to “Reptile” on Side B.

This video is basically lunch time in a bad place but it is BEAUTIFUL.

Speaking of beautiful, Trents little buddy in the photo below is pretty much the embodiment of that word –

This next video is one of my favorite Marilyn Manson songs ever –

This was Brian Warner at his highest. Now, he is kind of just sad and boring. ENJOY HIS FORMER SPLENDOR!

While we are busy looking at contorted, thin, frail body wrecks, let us take a look at the work of Mr. Cunningham and Aphex Twin –

Rubber Johnny

This video is not the only converging of these two magnificent minds, for I now give you the video that I was dreaming about last night which inspired this blog –

Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy” –

“No you may not speak to my manager!”

This video is legit scary time. Not only is it full of tiny versions of Richard David James’ running about and causing trouble, there is the THING in the above photo yelling at some aged person. I’m sorry but she is far more stronger than I, for I would’ve wet my britches and keeled over DEAD.

Last but not least, I give you this most glorious piece of work by Bauhaus (you knew this coming, y/y?) –

This song is 9+ minutes of me running around in a cape in my single apartment in the dark, knocking over candelabras with lit candles and making everyone in my apartment complex HOMELESS as I set the building ablaze –

Obvs, this is not the be all/end all list of scary spooky video time. I just have a date with my velvet lined coffin and I must be off. Feel free to suggest your faves in the comments.


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