Puma Social x Stones Throw All Stars Party

Last night I went back to the Puma Social Club with my friend Christina to check out the Stones Throw All Stars night. Stones Throw has always been one of my favorite record labels, so I knew the music was going to be fantastic and I’m never not interested in free fried chicken. And as expected, there were more jams than in those little wire things on the tables at IHOP, and much fun was had by all. (Mostly Christina and I, who hogged the DJ Hero consoles for like an hour).

Me and Jamie from Stones Throw
Jamie is one of the best DJs on the PLANET
They had DJ Hero demos for people to play
So of course, we played (and fought over who got to be DeadMau5)
(This is what DeadMau5 looks like in the game)
I lost.
Then we did art for a while.
I ran into my friend Shimpei from high school who I have not seen in TEN YEARS (I’m old)

Thanks Puma, and random dudes who got in this picture with us.

PS You should buy the new Madlib, Medicine Show #10

PPS Jamie you should send me a copy LOVE YOU MEAN IT