When Pens Attack – A Journey Through DoodleVille

Buzznet is no stranger to talent. In fact, it oozes from the very pores of our skin like the sweat of some rainbow-y runner on a hot summer day. There is a plethora of art on Buzznet. You name it and it’s here in some way, shape or form. Today I’d like to call your attention to the art, paint, and other hand/computer created art that is on our wonderful site. Please pay the fare and have a seat, for I shall now take you on a guided tour through DoodleVille.

LoafyCakes has some pretty cute drawings. Very anime inspired and DID I MENTION CUTE?

Kendra gets all crazy with graphite –

OMG what’s going on here? I LOVE IT!

Cynthia Blair. This is a monumental work of epic epicness –

This looks like a photograph. I kind of want to now sing that song by NickleBack.

AnraTheBadAngel shares with us the awesome that is CAT BUN –


This next drawing looks like how my soul feels –

I can’t even draw stick people correctly in 2.5 hours, yet HighJinxing produced this masterpiece that speaks to the very core of my being.

Dear FancyNancy, why are you so amazing?

This acrylic on canvas tribute makes the acrylic I have my nails gitty with excitement. I totally love the eyes of these two. They almost seem to shy away from the tenderness of being close to one another.

Charlotte has created possibly one of the cutest things EVER with your crafty hand –

OMG BB HIPPO! I will please to ride on you into the sunset!

JaneFace, plz marry meh –

This is her submission for the “Danger Days’ contest before her added colour. You should totally check out the finished product because IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

Not only does Nefertara take amazing photos and dabble in make up + awesome, she can also do this –

This makes me want to hop onto my trusty steed and conquer the world.

RougeRapidFire makes me feel all pretty inside with this piece that was crafted for an H & M Contest –

MarcLawdd – How could I forget thee?

I kind of want this hanging in the Lady Gaga shrine in my heart.

This isn’t even the tip of the art iceberg that is on Buzznet. We haven’t even left the Shire yet. You kids are constantly coming up with more creative things than I can keep my Eye of Sauron on. Although my gaze may see many things, I hand my search for art on Buzznet over to you, dear people of Buzznetengard!

Have you had enough LOTR references for today? Did I not include your favourite art maker on the Buzznets? Feel free to suggest someone that I may have not found and don’t forget to go to these people’s pages, add them, and tell them how awesome they are.