The most important thing of a destination is the travel…

I’m just come back home from the cinema, I watched “STEP UP 3D”. It’s been really really cool!!! More than 2 movies before! I can’t wait to buy it in dvd!

Everytime I watch a movie, there’s always a motto or a phrase that catches my attention… and make me cry a little bit, over all in dance movie, where I reflect myself a lot, because I love dance and music, and hip hop is all my life… In this movie there’s a phrase said by Moose who says something like: “the most important thing of a destination is the travel, doesn’t matter how you arrive to the aim, there’s not only a way for arrive it, but you must prove to find this way”.

I think everytime I go at the cinema to watch a movie or while i’m watching a movie at the tv, there’s always a particul connect between what protagonists say and me, because there’s always the perfect phrase said by an actor or an actress that reflect my mood in that moment i’m watching that movie… I don’t know why happen, but it’s a thing I noticed for such long time… Now that i’m studying movies’ analysis at the university (even though i’ll take music like subject of curses of studies) i can understand much more than before those messages sent to me during those years…

Have you ever reflect yourself in a phrase of a movie and this one is exactly the solution or a comfort word for your mood of your situation in that time?

I love those earrings. They are awesome!!! David Bowie rocks!!!!

Ready to go 😉

Earring: “Aladdin Sane” cover album – David Bowie (a gift of my friend Alice); Scarf: Tally Weijl (a gift of my friend Alice); Shirt: Tally Weijl; Leather Bracalet: Bijioux Brigitte; Jeans: NewYorker; Shoes: VANS

What are your plans for the week?