The Maine & Never Shout Never @ The Wiltern

Tuesday night I almost went deaf. Not from music–oh, no–from the SHRILL SCREAMS of Never Shout Never fans right before Christofer Drew took the stage in his hippie garb.

Y’all are falling into the cray-cray ranks with BELIEBERS and CLAYMATES. Just sayin’.

Anyway, first things first–The Maine. It was weird being that far away from them. It’s not that they COULDN’T feel the space with their sound… it’s just that John Ohh gives off this “I’d rather be drinking on your porch” vibe that lends itself to more intimate situations. Or maybe that was just the cowboy boots he was wearing–I can’t be sure.

I didn’t pay attention to the intro because I was too busy trying to figure out if the ‘F*CK.” spray painted on their backdrop was part of the design or product of some mischievous prankster.

The set list following that:

Right Girl

Listen To Your Heart

Growing Up

Girls Do What They Want

Fuel To The Fire

Don’t Stop Now

John Ohh says he’s never been in love in his entire 22 years on earth, then asks everyone to kiss on the mouth

Into Your Arms

We’ll All Be

You know what I don’t like about Fall? John Ohh keeps his shirt on and Kennedy Brock grows facial hair. ANYWAY.


Christofer Drew takes the stage, barefoot and baggy-clothed. Starts out with ‘Harmony’ during which the black backdrop gives way to a peace sign flag, confetti canons explode and everyone loses their mind.

Set list:


Love Is Our Weapon

I Just Laugh

(Time for HARMONICA AND GLASSES–and subsequently, more screaming)


–On stage smoke break. CD generously offers drags to his band members–


On The Brightside

Sweet Perfection

WAYNE Doe (yeah, the 8 guys attending the show who’ve been having bromantic visions of Christofer FTFO* right here)

*FTFO=my new word. Short for Freak the f*ck out. Use it. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Can’t Stand it

This Shit Getz Old

–might I mention the # of ‘finger hearts’ at this point? it’s an epidemic–

I Love You 5



And then I left because my presence was requested at The Pretty Reckless / Tokidoki party.