Love the movie The Lost Boys? Well, you’re going to love The Lost Boys Ball!

Oh yes, it’s true kiddies. If you loved the original vampire hotties from The Lost Boys then you are going to love what’s next. A third movie was released on Sep 23rd, called The Thirst. (For you not on the up-and-up the second film was called The Tribe.)

Corey Feldman (you probably know him as Edgar Frog) is playing a series of shows with his band, Truth Movement at some West Coast House of Blues. In celebration of the new movie, while Truth Movement plays, the classic 1987 film will be presented to fans while Feldman’s band plays.

“The Lost Boys Ball’ tour is setting the stage to build a model for what could potentially be a much bigger tour. We have to prove to those who have put their trust in me and the other performers to make this work, and I really think that giving your audience multiple entertainment platforms at one event is the best way to really give people what they want.”

The Ball will be followed by a Q&A with cast members; a chance to see some footage from the latest Lost Boys installment, The Thirst; costume contests; and many more surprises.

“I won’t lie; this tour is very risky, especially for me, but to be able to do this for the fans is completely worth it and I really hope we succeed just so we can give fans all over something different.”

See more from the interview above here and more on The Thirst here.


Thursday October 21st San Diego California, House of Blues

Saturday October 23rd Las Vegas Nevada, House of Blues at Mandalay Bay

Sunday October 24th Los Angeles California, House of Blues on Sunset Strip

Thursday October 28th Anaheim California, House of Blues at

Downtown Disney.

To learn more about Truth Movement and Corey Feldman, visit or Truth Movement on MySpace. For additional ticket and tour information visit