I’m finally back!!!

I would apologize me with everyone for me absence but in these last weeks I had a lot of problems and I’ve been really busy, and at least my pc didn’t work again -.-“””

On Monday I started the university and so i’ve been really busy and I opened the pc just yeserday… I’m so curious what’s happened to my 3 girls Hanna, Aud and Marina xp I hope they are good <3

Second thing, not really good, my little 12 years old cousin has been operated at the brain 2 weeks ago =( she suffers of chronic cold and her nasal septum is narrow and for that reason in the brain formed a lot of pus and pushed on her head… now she’s in hospital and she’ll stay there still for 6-7 weeks… she’s under the control of lot of doctors and for now they won’t operate her again… but maybe there will be the possibilty that happen. So in this period i’m really really worried for her and I hope all come back like before and she can go out to the hospital soon…

Key’s necklaces have always been my attraction, the keys are one of my fav elements and means a lot for me

As you can see, I put extensions in my hair… They are really cool!!! I love them so much, my hair is so colourful now xp

We missed you so much guys <3

You were always in my heart and I promise I’ll searched to be more present from today

What’s your plan for this Sunday? I go at the cinema to see “STEP UP 3D”